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API valve standard code

2015/11/5      view:
API is the Petroleum Institute American (American Petroleum Institute), founded in 1919, is the first national business association of the United States. An important task of API is to be responsible for the standardization of equipment used in oil and gas industry, in order to ensure the safety, reliability and exchange of equipment used in the industry.
Serial number
1 STD 526-1984 API steel flange safety valve
2 STD 527-1991 API metal seal (industrial grade) for metal sealing seat safety valve
3 STD 591-1998 API user acceptance of oil refinery
4 STD 593-1981 API ductile cast iron flange plug valves
5 STD 594-1991 API for clip type check valve
6 STD 595-1979 API cast iron flange gate valve
7 API STD 597-1981 steel flange and butt welding reduced valve
8 STD 598-1996 API valve inspection and testing
9 STD 599-1994 API steel and ductile cast iron plug valves
10 STD 600-2001 API oil and natural gas with bolted bonnet steel gate valve
11 STD 601-1988 API concave and convex pipe flanges and flange connections with metallic gaskets (coated and wound)
12 STD 602-1993 API compact steel gate valve
13 STD 603-1991 API casting corrosion resistant CL150 gate valve
14 STD 604-1981 API ductile cast iron flange gate valve
15 STD 605-1988 API large diameter carbon steel flange (CL75 ~ 900)
16 STD 606-1989 API compact steel valve body
17 STD 607-1993 1/4 API refractory test of the soft seal seat of the rotary valve
18 API STD 608-1995 metal ball valves flanged and butt welding ends
19 STD 609-1991 API lug type and clip type butterfly valve
20 6D-2002 API pipeline valve specification
21 6FA-1994 API valve fire test specification
22 6A-2002 API wellhead device and oil production tree equipment specification
23 QI-1994 API quality specification